Monstrification through Displacement in Space and Time

Coloniality, Racism, Neoliberal Rhetoric of Time and Jordan Peele’s Get Out


  • Gerardo Rodriguez-Galarza St. Norbert College



Racism, Coloniality, Decoloniality, Get Out


Throughout U.S. history monstrous language has been deployed against racialized individuals. This essay examines the classification of monster by analyzing rhetoric on the racialized monster, the film Get Out (2017), and coloniality of time strategy discourses. While there are multiple dimensions to this topic, for this essay, I argue that monster rhetoric applied to racialized subjects shed light on the insidiousness embedded in the coloniality of time strategy as expressed discursively; monster rhetoric makes the effects of the coloniality of time discourses palpable in ways that unveil the overpowering dimension of the violence inflicted through racism. In order to identify and resist deployments of coloniality of time strategy through monstrification rhetoric, decolonizing time is an essential task to continue the difficult work of dismantling white supremacist tactics of oppression in order to support constructive philosophical-religious analysis rooted in antiracist foundations.